Need Air? Open a Window Into the Alzheimer’s Soul In Carlsbad CA

Need Air? Open a Window Into the Alzheimer’s Soul
By Paula Spencer, senior editor

Stories of how people with Alzheimer’s spark to creative activities involving art, music, and literature are fascinating to hear – and even more so to witness. Better yet, arts activities make life less stressful for dementia caregivers, which is why I can’t revisit this topic enough.

Some examples:

When my son played guitar for a group of residents in the dementia wing of a nursing home where his grandpa lived for rehab, one woman prone to violence and wandering restlessly planted herself in front of him to happily dance and dance.

A friend recently told me her mother, who has advanced Alzheimer’s, mostly sits locked into her own silent world, until her daughter plays church hymns on the piano. Then Mom sings every word, clear as a bell.

Alzheimer’s disease turned actress Rita Hayworth anxious, aggressive, and confused – except when she was painting flowers, a hobby she took up late, and with gusto.

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