What Activities Can We Do With Dementia Patients in Carlsbad CA?

My Elderly Parent Has Dementia: What Activities Can We Do Together?
by Emilee Seltzer

Caregivers for the elderly
with dementia often find that coming up with activities for the elder can require much thought and effort. But they are vital to your parent’s health and well-being. Creating activities can really be quite simple if you follow some general guidelines.

Create meaningful activities

  •  Consider their interests.  Depending on how severe your parent’s dementia is or their stage of Alzheimer’s, activities can vary; however, designing activities that involve their past interests are of the utmost importance. For example, if they love to garden, foster that passion with stimulating gardening activities.

What if your parent does not have either the physical or cognitive capability to engage in activities they once loved? Beth Kallmyer, Director of Family and Information Services for the Alzheimer’s Association, recommends adjusting activities to fit their abilities. If your parent loved gardening but no longer has the mental ability to engage in it independently, consider assisting them or simplifying the activity. You can go outside with them and do planting and gardening together, or you can bring a few pots with seeds inside the house for your parent to water daily.

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