Frequently asked questions

Do we have to have a set schedule or can I call whenever I need some help?

We ask for a set schedule. Then you can rely on help and may schedule errands and appointments on those days if needed.

Do I have one caregiver or a different caregiver every time?

One caregiver or one team of caregivers depending on the number of hours or days you sign up for. We take special effort to find a caregiver or team that you feel comfortable with, because we believe it makes all the difference. If you are not comfortable with your caregiver, you may request a change.

If my situation gets more difficult, do I have to seek medical assistance or go to a convalescent home?

Age Advantage can help care for you as long as you want us to. We care for many of our clients around the clock, one-on-one in the comforts of home. Home health nurses can come to the home as can hospice care. We work together with all medical professionals to ensure you are receiving the care you deserve.

What happens if the caregiver does not show up for their scheduled shift?

Our clients are not left without care if they choose to have care or care is required. We have standby caregivers and field supervisors that are available to help out at a moments notice when “life happens” to their regular caregiver.

Does Age Advantage require a service agreement to be signed to begin services?

Yes. You should be leery of agencies that do not have a contract. They are not obligated to
show up during their scheduled times, and they often leave their client stranded without
a caregiver.

How does your company handle problems?

We don’t avoid your call. In fact, we call often to ask how we are doing and if you are satisfied with your caregiver and our service. If you are not satisfied, we will make every effort to rectify the situation as quickly as possible. Your satisfaction is our reputation. We are available 24 hours a day and management is always available.

Do your caregivers like working for you?

The best way to say this is that when caregivers leave our agency, they often come back asking to work for us once again with tales from the other side. Many of our new caregivers hear about us by word of mouth.

Do you criminally screen your caregivers?

Yes, we do a thorough criminal background screening using a potential employee’s Social Security number and birth date. We screen in all states they have resided.

What is the difference between agencies that independently contract  their caregivers or agencies that employ their caregivers?

If you hire an independent contractor you are considered the employer and hold all liability and responsibility for the employee. The client is responsible for payroll taxes, worker’s compensation, liability, bonding, and instructing the caregiver. The client is vulnerable for tax accountability as well as for lawsuits from an independently contracted caregiver. If you hire an agency that has employees the agency takes all the employer responsibilities. And good agencies will protect themselves, their clients, and their caregivers with workers compensation, criminal checks, solid reference checks, liability insurance and bonding.

How do I convince my loved one to accept some help?

This is a great question for our client consultant because every situation is different. Most often we recommend the direct approach by sharing (some of) your concerns and asking your loved one to look over the services home care has to offer. (We can send you an informational packet.) Interview our client consultant together with your loved one. This enables them to be a part of the decision that affects them the most. It is wise to start with minimal care to find the best solution while health permits. We have a 10-day or 2 week minimum requirement for care. If your loved one does not feel they can utilize the help, transportation, light housekeeping, meal preparation, errand running then they can cancel. Home care is the easiest option to change if it does not work for you. (You may have to start with baby steps and hire a housekeeper first, if you have the luxury of time.)

What does it take to get started?

We invite you to call or e-mail. Our client consultant will return your call at your convenience and you may interview them by phone. If you are pleased, you may set up  a consultation in your home, your loved one’s home, hospital, or our office. At that time, our consultant will explain in detail the services we have to offer.

Do you accept Long Term Care Insurance?

Many of our clients have long-term care insurance. We work closely with all parties involved to provide the proper paperwork and information required for reimbursement.

What if it does not work out or help is no longer necessary?

You can cancel after the first ten days or 2 weeks with a three-day notice with the exception of critical Hospice Care.